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Bible Narratives Wiki presents a chronological and comparative look at both the Hebrew and Greek narratives of the Christian Bible. This Wiki will compare scientific and historical data that may support the seven main threads of the Christian Bible.

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The Bible is made up of 66 smaller books. God used about 40 faithful men to write them. The first five books were written by Moses about 3,500 years ago. The last book was written by the apostle John over 1,900 years ago. God communicated with the Bible writers by means of his holy spirit (2 Samuel 23:2). They wrote down the thoughts of God, not their own thoughts. So God, in essence, is the Author of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20, 21). We know that the Bible is from God because it accurately foretells the future in detail. No man can do that (Joshua 23:14). Only Almighty God can accurately foresee mankind’s future (Isaiah 42:9; 46:10).[1]

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The following articles discuss doctrines that challenge the Bible...

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